B. Alvarez Vibe - El Ambiente

B. Alvarez Vibe is composed of various elements... it's all about singing with inspiration and moving to the rhythm of those musical influences that we all know. Styles include: Colombian folk, jazz, blues, rock and tropical.

Fiera Latin Vibe - Productions

Fiera Latin Vibe aka FieraLatinVibe concentrates on media productions and music publishing. Our team supports many platforms and communicates with the best content possible. It's more than just a project, it's the passion embedded into it.


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The "Vibe" Family - Media

The "vibe" family consists of talent, branded to take part in sales, marketing, media-production, merchandise, audio/video, and more. We're dedicated to bringing forth quality over quantity.

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B. Alvarez Music!

 Pleased to announce that my new song is out. Thanks for the support. If you would like to donate for future projects, please feel free, just click the yellow button below. Send us a message for any questions.



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